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Close your eyes and imagine coming back home
from a tiring day at the office. Your kitty cat is
sitting precisely in the center of the bed and
enjoying her time. Feel good thinking about it?
This is what makes this chair/bed so special!

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I LOVE this cat box! It sits right next to my couch and I can never smell the litter box. The litter box inside is 22” x 17”. It fits that and the litter genie perfectly. Just enough space for my kitty to jump out and most of the kitty litter she flings out is caught inside the box. For now we use it as a drink holder, but I plan to put a few decorations or maybe a couple plants. I definitely recommend this!


Fits my covered sifting litter box, litter, and scooper perfectly. Double sided entrance makes it great for changing location. Simple assembly. Only negative thing is it had a very strong odor of paint or some kind of chemical when I first opened and put it together. Other than that I highly recommended this!


This has to be one of the best purchases I have ever made. My family and I have 4 cats and I bought this for my bedroom so that I could hide the catbox, provide the cats a place to sit and lay in the sun (it's right under a window), and help control litter tracking.


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